Tron: Legacy : Daft Punk “Derezzed” Music Video

I’ve been waiting 2 years to see this and the IMAX 3-D preview I witnessed 6 weeks ago made me want to see it even more and now that we’re only 8 days away, gotta say I’m über psyched.
The Tron: Legacy soundtrack was released this week and Disney, in their infinite wisdom, released a music [...]

No Joy / Album Launch / Casa Del Popolo / November 27th

By far the best local release of 2010 is the debut album “Ghost Blonde” by No Joy.
A four-piece band stewarded by guitarist/vocalist Laura Lloyd and Jasmine White-Glutz, a band of that ilk was something I’ve yearned for to show up in
our fair city and call our own.
Their debut is a sweet galette of fuzzed out, [...]

MVs Collection #19

Interpol - “Lights”

Got Milk?
This is a big ol’ WTF video starring 2 women in fetish-y clothing dressing another
woman who in the end, spews a mysterious white liquid out of her mouth  …
where am I going with this?
Directed by Charlie White. (Who also directed their 2004 video for the single “Evil”)
Their upcoming self-titled album comes out [...]

Morcheeba’s New Album “Blood Like Lemonade” Out Today

01. Crimson
02. Even Though
03. Blood Like Lemonade
04. Mandala
05. I Am The Spring
06. Recipe For Disaster
07. Easier Said Than Done
08. Cut To The Chase
09. Self Made Man
10. Beat Of The Dru
Official Website
I know.
It was a big surprise to me too.
“Blood Like Lemonade” (their 7th studio release) is out today in the UK and
June 15th in North [...]

SHAD Drops New Hip Hop Opus “TSOL” May 25th

May 25, 2010
Black Box Recordings
01. Intro
02. Rose Garden
03. Keep Shining
04. Lucky 1’s
05. A Good Name
06. We Are The Ones (Reservoir Poetry)
07. Telephone
08. Call Waiting (Interlude)
09. Yaa I Get It
10. Listen
11. At The Same Time
12. We, Myself, and I
13. Outro
Official Website
We may have lost an hip hop legend to the Grim Reaper on Monday but
there’s still [...]

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