Morcheeba’s New Album “Blood Like Lemonade” Out Today

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01. Crimson
02. Even Though
03. Blood Like Lemonade
04. Mandala
05. I Am The Spring
06. Recipe For Disaster
07. Easier Said Than Done
08. Cut To The Chase
09. Self Made Man
10. Beat Of The Dru

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I know.

It was a big surprise to me too.

“Blood Like Lemonade” (their 7th studio release) is out today in the UK and
June 15th in North America on PIAS records.

Hadn’t heard a peep about this new release until a few days ago when
someone forwarded me the music video for their first single “Even Though”.

Morcheeba - “Even Though”

The biggest surprise of all?

Singer Skye Edwards is back into the fold.

She explains how this reunion came to be in this MySpace post.

You’d think they would be screaming this fact out to the music media at large.
A really good way to promote this new album cuz let’s be honest here, If you
were a fan like me in their heyday, you probably lost a bit of interest in
them once Skye left In 2003 when the Godfrey Brothers kicked her out of the
group and she went on to pursue a solo career to some degree of success.

Not that 2005’s “The Antidote” (with replacement singers Daisey Martey)
and 2008’s “Dive Deep” (a few guest vocalists were used) were
bad albums, it just wasn’t the same.

That sultry voice of hers was the missing ingredient.

I’ve stayed a fan all those years only for the fact that their 1996 debut
“Who Can You Trust?” is one of my all-time favorites and IMHO they were behind
one of the most dark and atmostpheric album to come out of the Trip-Hop era
which is a sound I quite dug and still do to this day.

They haven’t been quite able to replicate that early sound since then but I
do keep hope alive that one day they might.

Haven’t had a chance to listen to the new album yet but hopefully with Skye
back in the band, they’ll bring some of that magic back.

A great band to experience live aswell and we shall once again when they’ll
hit the road this fall for a full US/Canada tour.

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One Response to “Morcheeba’s New Album “Blood Like Lemonade” Out Today”

  1. Adam
    June 9th, 2010 @ 6:51 pm

    Wow, every word you’ve writted here strikes so true with me. I was there from the beginning and thought “Who Can You Trust?” was a unique album unlike any other. And when Skye was shown the door, my interest in Morcheeba went with her. I’ve gotten the album off of itunes and while no Who Can you trust, I find it a great listen, with lots of visual language in many tracks to help the “trip” a bit. Still, my favorite track on it would have to be Self Made Man, it’s just an excellent track to ride and reiminsce of the mid 90’s. This is one where both Skye AND the arrangements take turns making the hairs on the back of my neck stand!

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