AGDFA 123 ( Xmas 2010 Edition )

58 mins : 16 secs | 40.0 mb Best Coast & Wavves “Got Something For You” ( 02:20 ) The Christmas Gig [ free download ] myspace (best coast) | myspace (wavves) Crocodiles & Dum Dum Girls ( 04:16 ) “Merry Christmas, Baby (Please Don’t Die)” [ free download ] myspace (crocodiles) | myspace (dum […]

The Posies “Blood/Candy” Album Out Today!

Official Website My Space Facebook Twitter Tracklist: 01. Plastic Paperbacks 02. The Glitter Prize 03. Licenses To Hide 04. So Caroline 05. Take Care Of Yourself 06. Cleopatra Street 07. For The Ashes 08. Accidental Architecture 09. She’s Coming Down Again! 10. Notion 99 11. Holiday Hours 12. Enewetak My other favorite band who happens […]

The Posies: Premiered 2 New Songs On KEXP + New Tour Dates

The posies went on Seattle’s KEXP Radio today to promote their sold out “Frosting On The Beater” show, tomorrow night @ The Crocodile. If performing their classic 1993 album in it’s entirety wasn’t enough, for the sweetest encore of all time, the fans in attendance will get a chance to hear 12 new songs from […]

MVs Collection #13 ( SXSW 2010 )

I loves me the Power Pop. I try to catch as many bands as I possibly can while I’m @ SXSW. There will be this huge outdoor show @ Auditorium Shores Stage with 90’s alt rock bands Cracker, The Bodeans (remember that Party Of Five theme song?) and legends of the genre … Cheap Trick. […]

The Posies: A New Album! + One-Off Seattle Show In April

Jesus H. Christ on a bus! So … best news ever! I’ll let Mr. Jon Auer tell it to y’all: Is pleased to announce: 1. The Posies will play “Frosting On The Beater” in its’ entirety on April 17, 2010 @ The Crocodile in Seattle, WA. 2. A handful of hours after said Crocodile show, […]

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