How To Destroy Angels Debut EP Out Today ( Free Download )

1. The Space In Between
2. Parasite
3. Fur-Lined
4. BBB
5. The Believers
6. A Drowning
Official Website
Much like he did with the final Nine Inch Nails release (2008’s “The Slip”)
Trent Reznor decided to give away this new release for free on the Interweb.
Out of the kindness of his heart i’m sure but mostly, to drum up some word
of [...]

MVs Collection #17

How To Destroy Angels - “The Space In Between”

Blood be spilled and corpses be burnin’ in a Lynchian hotel room.
Directed by Rupert Sanders.
This is the first single off Trent Reznor’s first post-Nine Inch Nails
project with his misses Mariqueen Maandig (ex-West Indian Girl) and NIN
collaborator Atticus Ross from their forthcoming self-titled EP out
this Summer with their [...]

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