AGDFA’s 2013 Year-End Comp Mix

I kind of went nuts with this one.

60 songs in all.

Representing a year’s worth of music in 3 most excellent hours.

I hope you enjoy it and if it strikes your fancy, do leave a word
or two in the comments section below.

to my fellow music lovers and loverettes …

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My Year-End Lists Of 2013

2013 was a fine musical year.
Will I think back on it fondly 20 years down the line?
Probably not.
It’s definitely the year in which I found the beat.
This top 20 is littered with electro dance records, my number #1 being Disclosure and their critically raved-over debut album Settle.
You have your mix of Shoegaze, Hip Hop and [...]


82 mins : 39 secs | 47.2 mb

Wavves “Paranoid” ( warner bros )
Afraid Of Heights [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Teenage Disease” ( vagrant )
Specter At The Feast [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

The Black Angels “Evil Things” ( blue horizon )
Indigo Meadow [ amazon ]
website [...]

MVs Collection #95

How To Destroy Angels - “How Long?”
Directed by Shynola.

Cursed Arrows - “Little Girl Blue (Southern Souls)”
Directed by Mitch Fillion.

Yo La Tengo - “I’ll Be Around”
Directed by Phil Morrison.

Popstrangers - “What Else Could They Do?”
Directed by Luke Mcpake.

Two Hours Traffic - “Amour Than Amis”
Directed by Maya Bankovic & Nadia Tan.

Ken Stringfellow - “Doesn’t It Remind [...]

MVs Collection #90

Flying Lotus - “Tiny Tortures”
Directed by David Lewandowski.

Animal Collective - “Honeycomb”
Directed by Dawid Krepski.

How To Destroy Angels - “Ice Age”
Directed by John Hillcoat.

Local Natives - “Breakers”
Directed by Jaffe Zinn.

Torche - “Kicking”
Directed by Andrew James Cox.

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