No Joy / Album Launch / Casa Del Popolo / November 27th

By far the best local release of 2010 is the debut album “Ghost Blonde” by No Joy. A four-piece band stewarded by guitarist/vocalist Laura Lloyd and Jasmine White-Glutz, a band of that ilk was something I’ve yearned for to show up in our fair city and call our own. Their debut is a sweet galette […]

Best Coast / No Joy / Friendship Cove / April 12th

Best Coast Official Website MySpace Facebook Twitter L.A. girl Bethany Cosentino, indulging in sweet lo-fi, fuzzed out beach pop. Think Vivian Girls (or other great defunct L.A. lo-fi band Katie The Pest) if there was an Asian guy on bass instead of luscious redhead Kickball Katy (VG’s drummer Ali Koehler is behind the kit for […]