Introducing: DECADES

Official Website
I want to welcome Emily to the AGDFA fold. A California native who currently resides
in New York City, she will from time to time tell you what’s the happy haps in
hipster central a.k.a. Brooklyn.
For my first AGDFA contribution as your Brooklyn correspondent, I’m excited
to present to you one of my favorite new bands, DECADES. [...]

MP3 : Pocketknife - “Feels”

Official Website
A threesome out of Brooklyn (yeah yeah I know, another one) but it’s
a pretty damn good threesome that shows great promise so I tought I
would introduce you to Pocketknife.
Jazzy guitars that’ll suit modern indie fanatics and classic Top 40
lovers all in the same chorus. Dare I say they almost have a Grizzly
Bear-ish quality to [...]

Photos: The Posies @ The Bell House - Brooklyn, NY (06.12.2009)

The Posies / The Brunettes / Tally Hall @ The Bell House ( 06. 12. 2009 )
Dream All Day
Solar Sister
Flavor Of The Month
Love Letter Boxes
Definite Door
Burn And Shine
Earlier Than Expected
20 Questions
When Mute Tongues Can Speak
Lights Out
How She Lied By Living
Coming Right Along
Start A Life
Please Return It
Everybody Is A Fucking Liar
You’re The Beautiful One

Last weekend [...]

MVs Collection #05

Wanted to do a special ‘lil edition of MVs collection to coincide with my
weekend trip to NYC. 3/4 of which I’ll see on stage, rockin’ their hearts out.
The Posies - “Definite Door”

A no frills video with excerpts of live performances mixed with the guys just
walking around one assumes the many cities they’ve encountered on that [...]

Autolux : Small East Coast Tour Announced + Other Goodies

Official Website
Autolux, I love you but you’re bringing me down.
I first fell in love for their blend of art/shoegaze/dream/noise rock back in
2003 when I heard a demo floating around the interweb. Being a HUGE fan of
Greg Edwards’s previous band Failure, I knew this new band of his wouldn’t
disappoint and gosh darn it, I was right. [...]

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