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Manchester Orchestra
Simple Math
May 10, 2011
Favorite Gentlemen Recordings / Columbia
01. Deer
02. Mighty
03. Pensacola
04. April Fool
05. Pale Black Eye
06. Virgin
07. Simple Math
08. Leave It Alone
09. Apprehension
10. Leaky Breaks
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Being that their 2009 release “Mean Everything To Nothing” was my favorite
album of that year, surely you can understand how excited I am about this
new opus.
Group leader/singer-songwriter Andy Hull, [...]


51 mins : 44 secs | 35.5 mb

Autolux “The Bouncing Wall” ( TBD records )
Transit Transit [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

Blood Red Shoes “Light It Up” ( v2 )
Fire Like This [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

White Belt, Yellow Tag “It’s A Long Way, Don’t You Fall Behind”
Methods [...]

My Year-End Lists Of 2010

2010 will be remembered for me as the year 2 of my favorite bands
(Autolux and The Posies) released new albums.
I’m sure it’s a shock to absolutely no one that Transit Transit
would be #1 on my list.
It took awhile to grow on me even though I knew most of the songs
before the album came out but [...]

MVs Collection #24

Rival Schools - “Shot After Shot”

Directed by Philip Di Fiore.
Rival Schools are ready to release their sophomore album “Pedals” on March 8th,
a full decade after their most awesome debut “United By Fate”.
You can download this song and it’s b-side “Arranged Marriages” as a deluxe digital single on iTunes.

Bad Books - “You Wouldn’t Have To Ask”

Directed [...]


69 mins : 19 secs | 47.6 mb

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. “Bang Bang Bang” ( columbia )
Record Collection [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

Tahiti 80 “Crack Up” ( human sounds )
Solitary Bizness EP [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

The 88 “Center Of The Sun” ( rocket science )
The [...]

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