MVs Collection #90

Flying Lotus - “Tiny Tortures”
Directed by David Lewandowski.

Animal Collective - “Honeycomb”
Directed by Dawid Krepski.

How To Destroy Angels - “Ice Age”
Directed by John Hillcoat.

Local Natives - “Breakers”
Directed by Jaffe Zinn.

Torche - “Kicking”
Directed by Andrew James Cox.

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87 mins : 01 secs | 59.7 mb

Dinosaur Pile-Up “Mona Lisa” ( friends vs records )
Growing Pains [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

Manchester Orchestra “Virgin” ( favorite gentlemen recordings )
Simple Math [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

An Horse “Trains And Tracks” ( mom & pop music )
Walls [ amazon ]
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AGDFA’s 2009 Year-End Comp Mix

Happy New Year.
First great music news of said new year? Soundgarden reunion
is a go! How f’ing crazy is that?
I guess Chris Cornell finally came to his senses. Maybe his
shitty Timbaland produced R&B album, which bombed horribly,
was the last straw or this is just a reunion tour cash grab.
We shall see.
I’m pretty pumped tough. I finally [...]

Lollapalooza 2009 ( Lineup Announced )

I was waiting to see what the complete lineup would look like and i’m pretty much
On the headliners side, only Depeche Mode and Beastie Boys are worth my
time and I’ll be seeing them live a few weeks before Lolla is in full swing.
As for the non-headlining bands, Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective,
Band Of Horses, Silversun Pickups, [...]

MVs Collection #01

The Acorn - “Crooked Legs”

As mentioned in this week’s podcast, this is the video directed be fellow
canuck Christopher Mills. You might have seen his other work for Interpol
(“PDA”), Broken Social Scene (“Stars & Sons”) and Modest Mouse (“Float On”).
He’s quite adept at mixing live action and animation. Won a few awards for it.
He’s worked with [...]

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