Beck’s Record Club: Yanni’s Live At The Acropolis

( Album ) Beck’s Record Club: Yanni’s Live At The Acropolis ( 2010 )
01. Santorini
02. Keys To Imagination
03. Until The Last Moment
04. The Rain Must Fall
05. Acroyali/Standing In Motion
06. One Man’s Dream
07. Within Attraction
08. Nostalgia
09. Swept Away
10. Reflections Of Passion

The fifth installment in Beck’s Record club.

The lowdown on this one:
The original album featured Yanni with [...]

Autolux : “Transit Transit” Album Pre-Order

Is now ONLINE.
Someone buys me the Deluxe Edition package pretty please.
This is what it gets you:
The album on 180 gram vinyl.
Limited edition 12″ x 12″ silk-screened poster which looks awesome.
Limited edition Supertoys white 180 gram vinyl 10″.
Exclusive Transit Transit T-Shirt.
Digital release in 320kps MP3, Apple Lossless or FLAC files.

“Transit Transit” out in 13 days.

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Beck’s Record Club: Kick

Here it is:
( Album ) Beck’s Record Club: INXS’s Kick ( 2010 )
01. Guns In The Sky
02. New Sensation
03. Devil Inside
04. Need You Tonight
05. Mediate
06. Loved One
07. Wild Life
08. Never Tear Us Apart
09. Mystify
10. Kick
11. Calling All Nations
12. Tiny Daggers

The fourth installment in Beck’s Record club.
The lowdown from the man himself:
Joining in this time we [...]

Arcade Fire Visits “The Suburbs” For Their New Album

Official Website
Yesterday, UK radio DJ Zane Lowe spinned the first single “The Suburbs”
and it’s B-side “Month Of May” on his show and  they quickly made the rounds
all over the Interweb.
The single will be out June 1st.
Today, we find out from one “Arkady Fireovitch” that the album will in
fact be titled “The Suburbs” and shall be [...]

Autolux Announces “Transit Transit” Album Release Date

Color me speechless.
It was just announced through a MySpace bulletin.
Will they actually stick to this release date?
Who the hell knows but may I say …

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