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Posted on September 14, 2015 |

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We’re 2 days away from the fun and excitement that is the 14th edition of Pop Montreal which begins this Wednesday and ends Sunday evening.

Why I remember lo these many years ago, attending the very first Pop
back in 2002 where yours truly, witnessed the first Interpol show in town at a VERY crowded Jupiter Room or seeing The Walkmen @ Le Petit Campus, pretty much blowing our collective minds that night.

Ahhhhh memories …

For this edition, 400+ artists/bands will be in town hawking their
wares all over the city trying to grab your attention and mine.

Legends in the game like 70’s Italian Disco Mega Producer Giorgio Moroder here promoting his new album. UK Ambient House pioneers The Orb and 60’s garage rock originators The Sonics, rocking even harder now in their 70s than some young whippersnappers starting out today.

On the Heavy Metal side, I give you Anthrax and Motorhead for your headbanging pleasure.

If like me, you’ve been in full on 90s nostalgia mode, Babes in Toyland and Built To Spill might bring you back to those good old days.

Film Pop, another facet of Pop Montreal I enjoy, will have the premiere of
The Reflektor Tapes, the new Arcade Fire documentary has their main selection, directed by one if not my favorite music video makers today, Kahlil Joseph.

You can also catch a 20th anniversary showing of Showgirls this Friday for a midnight screening @ Cinéma L’Amour.

New this year is The Resto POP-Up, 4 local chefs + Owen Pallett feeding the hungry during those long Pop nights. That goes down @ Le Clubhouse POP (5719 Parc) open from 7pm to 3am.

Less we forget the annual Record fair which for the first time this year,
I will partake in since I have now gotten into the vinyl game. I’ve resisted
long enough but at long last, I am one of you now. It will be held @ Église St-Michel
(105 St-Viateur West) Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Here’s my six to see list:

The Sonics ( Théâtre Fairmount / Sept. 16 / 10pm )

Bionic ( La Sala Rossa / Sept. 17 / Midnight )

Empress Of ( Le Late Night Little Burgundy - Piccolo Rialto / Sept. 17 / 1am )

Heartstreets ( POP Quarters - BBQ / Sept. 18 / 5pm )

Viet Cong ( Théâtre Fairmount / Sept. 18 / 11:30pm )

The Cribs ( Théâtre Fairmount / Sept. 19 / 12:15am )

Varied in it’s choices.

Most excited about Local rock juggernaut Bionic, fronted by man about town Jonathan “Johnson” Cummins, playing their self-titled debut in full.
I am preparing to feel my brain being turned into mush and being left on the La Sala Rossa floor as a pile of goo.

That is my ultimate pick for this year.

For the complete schedule and tickets, go to — > www.popmontreal.com < —

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