CMJ 2013: Initial Artist Line-Up Announced

Posted on September 4, 2013 |

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Labour day weekend is all but a distant memory signaling the end of Summer, with the Fall season slowly creeping up on us.

First sign of it’s arrival: the initial line-up release of performers coming to
New York City for the 33rd edition of the CMJ Music Marathon coming at you October 15-19.

CMJ is an event geared towards industry people and the fine folks behind college radio stations everywhere (CJLO 1690 AM represent!), but it is also a chance for music fans to discover the latest and greatest from 1400+ live performances in more than 80 venues all over the Big Apple.

They gives us access to the musical landscape happening right now.

Here’s a few names from the line-up that popped out at me:

The Dismemberment Plan
Helio Sequence
Electric Wire Hustle
Kevin Drew
The Long Winters
Nick Waterhouse
Speedy Ortiz
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

For a look at the remaining line-up:

Many more announcements to come.

Badges for the whole shebang can still be purchased at a discounted price HERE.

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