Giant Drag New (And Final) Album “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” Out Today

Posted on March 5, 2013 |

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01. 90210
02. We Like The Weather
03. Won’t Come Around
04. Do It
05. Firestorm
06. Garbage Heart
07. Meowch
08. Messif My Face
09. Dennis the Pennis
10. Sobriety is a Sobering Experience
11. Heart Carl
12. Seen The Light
13. Sobriety is a Sobering Experience (Demo)
14. Heart Carl (Demo)

What I Know About Nothing EP

01. Firestorm (Demo) (Hidden!)
02. Sobriety Is A Sobering Experience (Demo)
03. Dennis The Pennis (Demo) (Hidden!)
04. Messif My Face (Demo) (Hidden!)
05. Meowch (demo) (Hidden!)
06. Heart Carl (Demo)

It’s finally out!

8 long years after the release of their debut album “Hearts & Unicorns”, Annie Hardy’s long journey to write, finance, and record the follow up titled “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” ends today.

And what a journey it was.

Being dropped by Interscope, Annie’s numerous and unfortunate health problems, legal battles, rehab, the other half of Giant Drag, Drummer Michah Calabrese quitting, coming back and then quitting/fired again has made this a long and painful wait for new music.

Although the 2010 release of the “Swan Song EP” satiated our hunger, we were craving more.

This new and (sad to say) last Giant Drag album is the Annie show through and through. Lot’s of blood, sweat and assuming tears went into the making of this
record and I must say, it is a fitting send off for the Giant Drag moniker.

What is she up to now?

2 projects: The first one being Annie Hardy and The Psychos, which she says is the next step from Giant Drag and a natural evolution of her sound.

She released their first song last week on bandcamp titled “Unbelievable Psycho Boy”.

Her second project being PNP (Party N’ Play) which will be her musical outlet for her more experimental music.

Also released last week, a song from that new endeavour titled “Cum See About Me (Take You To Abortion)”.

The new album, can can be downloaded @

It’s from Annie’s own record label Full Psycho Records. All posssible digital formats are available to your heart’s desire. If enough fans coughs up the cash to download the album, good chance we will see a CD/vinyl release as well.

If you download the deluxe edition, you will get a 6 song EP titled “What I Know About Nothing”. Those were the acoustic demos recorded back in 2007 by Annie and the album’s producer Joe Cardamone.

2 new interviews with Annie went online @ Critical Wave and @ Music In Press discussing the demise of the band, where her mind is now, and what’s in her future.

You can follow Annie’s trials and tribulations on her website’s label
and forums aka The Glory Hole.

Twitter and Tumblr are still places where she’ll talk about her new projects and
bring the funny.

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