Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Coming To New York City

Posted on April 18, 2012 |

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the best movie theater chain on Earth.


My love affair began in March of 2009, while @ SXSW that year, my last day spent in
Austin before flying back to Montreal, my friend Erica brought me to this wondrous
theater for a showing of “I Love You, Man”.

We arrived @ the South Lamar location 45 minutes beforehand, where as pre-show
, we’re treated to 70’s Grindhouse movie trailers related in
some ways to the movie. Just the most random crap that actually was way more
then the movie itself and turned me into a Grindhouse movie
trailer junkie
, owning many a DVD compilations as a result.

A delicious dinner was ordered beforehand (Cheeseburger and their delish 5$ chocolate shake) brought to you by very stealthy waiters 15 minutes into the showing.

I was in movie heaven.

That’s the beauty of the Alamo, their whole setup is a movie geek’s wet dream.

they’ll show the latest releases but also has a world class repertory programming with special nights during the week be it horror, action or
just the weirdest movies imaginable and from time to time, special screenings with cast and crew present for Q&A’s and other jolly good fun.

They have this very strict “No Talking Policy” which they actually enforce.
You may remember this PSA that went viral last Summer when an angry, drunk patron got thrown out for texting and left this gem of a message on their voicemail.

Can’t forget the Mondo Tees boutique inside the South Lamar location where T-shirts and other cool movie paraphernalia.

Lastly, the limited run Mondo posters released each and every week, to commemorate a special screening that happened during said week. Those get snatched up within minutes of their sale going online and all becomes collector’s item.

Slashfilm did a write-up about the Alamo experience that lays it all out.
A must read to get what they’re all about.

Since that faithful March day, I’ve seen about half a dozen movies in their theaters all over Austin and I’ve been dreaming of the day where a location closer to home would be announced.

Well, that day is here.

2 weeks ago, it was announced that they would open their first East Coast
in New York City!

Taking over the old (built in 1933), vacant, Metro Theater in Manhattan’s Upper West Side (2626 Broadway, between 99th & 100th), The 5 screen theater is scheduled to open in 2013.

Hopefully, in the first months of next year and lord knows if I do move to NYC, you best believe my resume will end up on what surely will be a big pile to work there.

Follow @AlamoNYC on Twitter and on Facebook to keep abreast of all the progress made concerning it’s construction and upcoming events surrounding
it’s inauguration.

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