Autolux: “The Science Of Imaginary Solutions” Music Video

Posted on February 13, 2012 |

If you’ve been a fan of Autolux from their beginnings like I have, you’re aware that they take their sweet ass time doing anything.

There was a 6 years gap between their debut album “Future Perfect” and sophomore release “Transit Transit”.

So with that in mind, may I present to you the first music video from “Transit Transit”, the album closer “The Science Of Imaginary Solutions”.

Some might say a year and a half too late to help promote the new album but
on Autolux time, it’s right on schedule.

I don’t know what to make of this new computer animated video directed by Thomas McMahan, it’s pretty weird and non sensical for one but also, has this great, weird 80’s look to it. Something a Dire Straits or Talking Heads would’ve done back in the day.

You be the judge:

You’ll be happy to know that a few weeks back, the band posted new pictures of them being in the studio.

Obviously, that means nothing from past events such as these. We could
be getting a new album by Summer 2012 or Fall 2016.

Only the band and sweet Baby Jebus knows.

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