Videos: Portishead @ Jacques-Cartier Pier (10. 07. 2011)

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Nylon Smile
The Rip
Sour Times
Magic Doors
Wandering Star
Machine Gun
Glory Box
Chase The Tear


We Carry On

11 000+ people showed up on a chilly Fall night to witness the return of
Portishead after a 13 years absence.

Last time they were here (March 1998), Our favorite Bristolians had a memorable
2 night stay in a VERY sold out Metropolis.

This time around, they went for an outdoor show @ the Jacques-Cartier Pier in Old Montreal where Björk (2007) and Sigur Rós (2008), brought their own brand of innovative music to the eager crowd.

While more than half of the setlist was dedicated to songs from their last album “Third”, we did get to hear gems from their debut “Dummy” like “Mysterions”, “Sour Times” and a stone cold beautiful version of “Wandering Star”, done in a stripped down fashion by the core trio of Gibbons, Barrow and Utley.

Speaking of the trio, Beth Gibbons‘s voice has been untouched by time. Still as beautiful, haunting and longing as ever. Geoff Barrow, the mastermind behind all the music still got the chops, especially on those decks during the breakdowns on “Over” and and “Glory Box” which got everybody jazzed up and personally gave me goose bumps. Adrian Utley always brings beautiful sonic textures with his guitar on records and especially live.

Not much was said in between songs but during “We Carry On”, Beth got off stage and shook hands/high fived people in the first row which was quite unexpected and a nice surprise.

This was 90 minutes of pure musicianship on display with a few music-gasms given along the way.

I pray we don’t have to wait another 13 years to see them again.

Here’s videos of last night’s performance I managed to capture:

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