Trailer Thursdays: Chronicle

Posted on October 27, 2011 |

Cast : Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan, Ashley Hinshaw, Michael Kelly
Director : Joshua Trank
Release Date : February 3, 2012

Synopsis :

Three high school buddies gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery.
Has they become more comfortable with their new found powers, they find their lives
spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

Haven’t done a Trailer Thursdays in awhile only because no trailers were worthy
of my precious time in writing about them.

Saw this trailer a few days back and I am totally on board with this concept.

It’s one of those found footage films a la “Cloverfield” or “Paranormal Activity” shot POV style.

It’s just 3 dudes getting superpowers (we don’t know how) who at first, are just goofing off with it, pranking people just for shits and giggles but then it’s used in a nefarious way with deadly results and it all turns to shit.

Definitely a new take on the “teen with powers” genre.

Directed by Joshua Tranks, a first time director for the big screen and Max Landis (son of John), Also, first time screenwriter.

It all looks very promising.

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