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Pauly here, wanting to give you the 514 on this brand new local band on zee scene.

A trio of Shoegazers/Noise Poppers/Droners made up of O.H. (guitar / effects / vocals) D.A. (guitar / effects / bass / vocals) and  L.F. (bowed bass / laptop / guitar / effects /  vocals). They can also be heard Thursday evenings on the fine college radio known as CJLO.

Quite a bunch of overchievers.

Someone described their sound thusly:

Endless guitar drones or obscure and intense human screams are piercing these clouds of sounds, forming images that can be seen for short times beneath the fog of heavenly heavy haze of feedbacks.

That pretty much covers it.

A wide range of influences can be attributed to their sounds. From bands and artists as varied as My Bloody Valentine, Brian EnoNadja, Rhys Chatham, Southpacific, Jesu and Sonic Youth to name just a few.

These noisemakers are effect pedals junkies.

There is not a pedal outthere they have not set their feet on. Anything that distorts,
echoes, makes it squeal or manages to blend in their wall of feedbacks, they are down with.

Their first release, a 2-song EP titled “Foulards” is already out of print.

These lovely hand made CD-Rs are now part of the legend that will be Aim Low so hold on to your copy till they become indie famous so that you can unload it on Ebay for a large sum of sweet cash.

You can hear both tracks on their Bandcamp page:

Or you may download the EP right here.

A 12” will be recorded in the coming weeks and shall see the light of day
come Fall.

They were interviewed by local weekly The Hour, where you can find out how they came to be and the origin of the Aim Low name.

They have a few live dates scheduled for the next few weeks:

07.22 – Toronto, ON – Sneaky Dee’s (w/ Disappears & The Psychic Paramount)
07.23 – Montreal, QC – Casa Del Popolo (w/ Disappears & The Psychic Paramount)
08.12 – Montreal, QC – Cagibi (w/ Book Slave & Archery Guild)

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

This was shot @ my favorite venue La Sala Rossa back in May.

You can follow their shenanigans on Twitter where they have dub this season the #summerofnoise.

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