Autolux: 2 New Songs (Performed Live) Showing Up Online

Posted on July 20, 2011 |

Any reasons I have to post anything and everything about my favorite
Art/Experimental/Noise/Shoegaze rock band Autolux I take.

It’s been almost a year now since the release of “Transit Transit”, their
quite underrated sophomore album.

Even I, ardent Autolux fan that I am, took a few listens to REALLY get
into this opus.

But now that it’s been a year since it’s release, what as Greg, Carla and
Eugene been up to?

Well … mostly Carla has kept busy. Recently, she guest drummed @ a Flying Lotus
show last month @ The Music Box in Los Angeles. Someone YT’ed that moment:

Her drumming was purely improvisational which just shows you what mad skills
she’s got pounding on those skins.

She also contributed a Beatles cover of “Tomorrow Never Knows” to the soundtrack of the god awful, putrid and down right terrible movie “Sucker Punch”, with The Kills/Dead Weather hottie Alison Mosshart on vocals.

Did you know there was a magazine strictly about female drummers?

Yup, it’s Tom Tom Magazine and of course, smart people that they are,
they interviewed Miss Azar.

2 weeks ago, they performed a show @ The Skirtball Cultural Center in
relations to their opening of the Houdini: Art and Magic exhibit where
a space-y/trippy untitled new song was tried out on the people in

And back in February, while in Japan for the ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror
, a new synth heavy/beat oriented song was unveiled aswell:

Is a new album in the works?

Your guess is as good has mine.

They already have 2 songs in the can so I call that progress. Hopefully,
it won’t be at that pace, 2 new songs a year until the album is ready
to be released in 2016.

Only time will tell.

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