SXSW: 2011 ( Unofficial ) Music Torrent

Posted on February 10, 2011 |

Yesterday was the schedule, today it’s the torrent.

Since 2005, some wonderful wizard ( decided to collect all the songs the SXSW website posts online to preview the artists coming to that year’s edition of the festival into one gigantor of a MP3 torrent.

It’s usually in 2 parts, first part being now and second, a week or two
before the festival begins.

Part I ( 792 mp3s ~ 4.49GB ) | Part II ( 362 mp3s ~ 2.09GB )

Make sure that once you’re done downloading to keep SEEDING!!!

At least for a little while or the good lord above will smite you
for being a douchey leecher.

SXSW also started their own streaming radio station through
Shoutcast that’s worth checking out.

It sure makes choosing through that HUGE lineup of bands alot easier.

Don’t let the size of the file scare you. It usually takes me a week to go through
it all and sure, most of the music is shite but I discover at least dozens of bands
a year thanks to this torrent so even though you might not attend SXSW this year, it’s a really good way to discover your next favorite band of the month.

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