New Girl Talk Album “All Day” Out Now Fo’ Free Yo!

Posted on November 15, 2010 |

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01. Oh No
02. Let It Out
03. That’s Right
04. Jump on Stage
05. This Is the Remix
06. On and On
07. Get It Get It
08. Down for the Count
09. Make Me Wanna
10. Steady Shock
11. Triple Double
12. Every Day

Gregg Gillis, mastermind / mashup artist behind Girl Talk, did promise us a new, sample heavy opus by the end of the year.

Said opus titled “All Day” was just unleashed on zee Interwebs this morning.

You can download it as separated tracks or one seamless file through his
label’s website Illegal Art gratis of charge. — > free download

Traffic’s been so HUGE that it’s impossible to download the damn thing.

Here’s a mirror link to the album separated tracks style.

He’s got a Winter 2011 tour scheduled up, with a stop in Montreal @ the
Metropolis March 1st. — > Tickets

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