Lights On Moscow To Release Debut EP / CMJ 2010 Favorites

Posted on November 9, 2010 |

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What I always hope for when I attend CMJ/SXSW every year, is to walk into a venue,
not knowing some of the bands i’m about to watch and being blown away.

Such a thing happened on a lovely NYC afternoon at CMJ when I went to the MuseBox
@ Bowery Electric two and a half weeks ago.

I was there to catch White Belt Yellow Tag, UK’ers who’ve released one of
my favorite albums of 2010 in their debut “Methods”.

Ended up catching that band’s guitarist side project.

Lights On Moscow (previously known as Matador), a collaboration between
Lanterns On The Lake lead singer Hazel Wilde and Justin Lockey, who’s also
in British Expeditionary Force and was a founding member of the band
yourcodenameis:milo and produces records on the side.

Busy dude.

This side project started as shared musical ideas through emails.

The one band that came to mind right away as I was transfixed was 90’s
psych/dream pop slow-burners Mazzy Star.

Beautiful, hazzy vocals mixed with etheral / luscious / spacious arrangements
with a touch of shoegaze with those sweet crashing guitars.

Really swell stuff.

I’ve been informed by Miss Wilde that their debut EP should be out in the coming months and they will most likely record a full-length in the coming future aswell.

EP Tracklist:

1. Like Lovers Often Will
2. Lord, Let Me Know
3. I Must Come Clean
4. Sketches

In the Meantime, you can download the MP3 for “Lord, Let Me Know” right here, listen to a non-EP track on their MySpace page titled “Spirits Around My Bed” and watch the videos I managed to capture at the Bowery Electric (their first ever show) on YT.

Lights On Moscow - “Sketches”

Lights On Moscow - “Like Lovers Often Will”

Lights On Moscow - “Lord, Let Me Know”

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