Soundgarden Retrospective “Telephantasm” Out Tomorrow

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Disc 1

01. All Your Lies
02. Hunted Down
03. Fopp
04. Beyond The Wheel
05. Flower (BBC Session)
06. Hands All Over
07. Big Dumb Sex
08. Get On The Snake (Live)
09. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Single Version)
10. Rusty Cage
11. Outshined
12. Slaves & Bulldozers

Disc 2

01. Jesus Christ Pose (Live)
02. Birth Ritual
03. My Wave
04. Superunknown
05. Spoonman
06. Black Hole Sun
07. Fell On Black Days (Video Version)
08. Burden In My Hand
09. Dusty
10. Pretty Noose (Live on SNL)
11. Blow Up The Outside World (MTV Live ‘N’ Loud)
12. Black Rain

Disc 3 ( DVD / Music Videos )

01. Flower
02. Hands All Over
03. Loud Love
04. Jesus Christ Pose (Original Version)
05. Outshined
06. Rusty Cage
07. My Wave
08. Spoonman
09. The Day I Tried To Live (Uncensored)
10. Black Hole Sun
11. Fell On Black Days
12. Pretty Noose (Uncensored)
13. Burden In My Hand
14. Blow Up The Outside World (Uncensored)
15. Spoonman (Mash-up Version)
16. The Day I Tried To Live (European Version)
17. Superunknown
18. Pretty Noose (International Version)
19. Pretty Noose (Alternate Ending)
20. Blow Up The Outside World (Censored)

“The 12 year break is over & school is back in session.

Sign up now.

Knights of the Soundtable ride again!”

That’s how Chris Cornell let us knew on New Year’s Eve (via Twitter)
that Soundgarden had reformed.

No clue what it would actually entail.

New album? Nostalgia tour?

Not quite.

First live show in 13 years went down in their hometown of Seattle @ Showbox
at the Market
under the name NudeDragons (an anagram of Soundgarden) last April to a sold out show (in mere minutes) packed with hardcore fans.

Spin Magazine has a write-up of that night.

Then, it was announced that they would headline Lollapalooza 2010.

In early August, details of the “Telephantasm” release was unveiled.

Included in this compilation were fan favorites, some of their hit singles,
live tracks and an unreleased song from their “Badmotorfinger” recording
sessions titled “Black Rain”. Cornell recorded new vocals that were mixed
into the original song.

There’s 3 versions of this release:

The single disc which will be bundled alongside 1 million copies of the
“Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock” video game coming out tomorrow for 1 week
only then on October 5th, it shall be sold separately in stores.

You can also purchase expanded versions with an extra CD containing 12 additional tracks and the version I’ll be buying which is the 3 disc set deluxe edition which includes a DVD with all of Soundgarden’s music video.

You can buy on Amazon the 3 disc set here and the MP3 version here or go directly through their official website and get your hands on any version your heart desires.

A pretty sweet animated video, directed by Brendon Small of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse fame, for “Black Rain” was unveiled a few weeks back.

Very much inspired by Heavy Metal style animation, it’s the guys stepping into action,
saving the earth from a Monster invasion.

Soundgarden – “Black Rain”

There’s this month’s Spin Magazine cover story in which they talk about how and why they’ve reformed and will this go anywhere anytime soon besides the few shows and this new release.

Hopefully it will since I very much wanna hear how Soundgarden would sound today versus their last release, 1996’s “Down On The Upside”. Just don’t involve Timbaland in the mix.

They also happen to be #1 on my “bands I need to see live before I kick it” list.

I came this close back in 1996 for their Quebec Lollapalooza stop but sadly
it was not to be. I have managed to see Cornell live a few times over the years but
it’s not the same.

Soundgarden was THE band back in 1994 that turn my love of music to an obessive one that it is today.

Superunknown to me is as perfect an album there will ever be and to witness songs
from it being performed live, would most definitely melt the little bits of grey
matter I have left in that numbskull of mine.

I sure as hell hope they make it happen.

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