Videos: Autolux @ La Sala Rossa ( 08. 25. 2010 )

Posted on August 26, 2010 |

They fucking rocked.

How’s that for a review.

They were all smiles and kind of chatty which is very un-Autolux like if
you’ve seen them perform live before.

They played their new album “Transit Transit” in it’s entirety with a few
choice cuts from “Future Perfect”.

We got to witness Greg Edwards, in piano man mode singing his very Beatles-esque
song “Spots”.

Carla Azar demonstrated her mighty drumming prowess whom I suspect may just
be part Cyborg. She’s already has the bionic arm, who knows what else her
Elbow surgeon put in that tiny frame of hers.

I about lost my shit when they did “Plantlife”, my most favorite of all Autolux
songs. I believe I had a music-gasm of sorts. It even got so loud at one point
that paint chips fell down from the ceiling.

Autolux rules all.

I managed to capture 7 videos, you’ll hear me woo-ing in a few of these so
i apologize in advance for the annoyance.

Autolux - “Plantlife”

Autolux - “Robots In The Garden”

Autolux - “Turnstile Blues”

Autolux - “The Bouncing Wall”

Autolux - “Spots”

Autolux - “Kissproof”

Autolux - “High Chair”

And here’s a short clip from Texas Post-Rock band They Will Destroy You
who were supporting on this night and did a fine job doing so.

They Will Destroy You

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