Videos: My Brightest Diamond @ Il Motore (05. 03. 2010)

Posted on May 4, 2010 |

Always a treat to catch My Brightest Diamond (aka Shara Worden) when she
comes to town.

Last time I saw her was back in December 2008 @ Le Poisson Rouge in NYC
with a full band backing her up.

This time around, she came here all by her lonesome and very preggers.

We got treated to songs from both albums (2006’s “Bring Me The Workhorse”
and 2008’s “A Thousand Shark’s Teeth”) but also a few new songs she’s
been working on.

One was a really sweet song about her Grandfather’s courtship of his
future wife, and one was the song I captured on video titled
“Everything Is In Line”.

It’s peppy, catchy as hell melody has not left my noggin since last night.

My Brightest Diamond – “Everything Is In Line”

My Brightest Diamond – “Inside A Boy”

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