MVs Collection #15

Posted on April 18, 2010 |

SPC ECO – “Like It Is”

Trippy, black & white, strobe infused performance video. Directed by Wombbaby.

This sweet piece of Shoegazian Dream Pop is taken from their new, 5 song EP
titled “Silver Clouds”.

Do get your hands on their most excellent 2009 debut album “3-D”.

Massive Attack – “Splitting The Atom”

Outstanding use of CGI, 3D and freeze frame all done in one continuous take,
portraying a city crumbling under apocalyptic war. Directed by Edouard Salier.

Their long-awaited 5th studio album “Heligoland” is out now.

Their North American tour starts May 7th in Toronto.

A Place To Bury Strangers – “Keep Slipping Away”

Lead singer Oliver Ackermann trapped in a TV set, lots of static and strobe
lighting and a woman. What does it all mean? Directed by Brendan Bellomo & Greg Wilson.

Their sophomore album “Exploding Head” is out now.

The Sky Drops – “The Truth Is”

The band keeping tabs on someone (or themselves?) in a seedy motel.
What’s in the suitcase? directed by Justin Clowes and Joe Castro.

The Sky Drops‘s self-released debut album “Bourgeois Beat” is out now.

Deftones – “Diamond Eyes”

A run-of-the-mill performance video with a newly slimmed down Chino
and an owl. Directed by Ro­boshobo.

Deftones are back after a 4 year absence and the lost of bassist
Chi Cheng, who was seriously injured in a car accident back in 2008
and who’s been in a comatose state to this day.

At the time, they were working on an album titled “Eros” which the
release has been delayed indefinitely. Sergio Vega (formerly of
Quicksand) as taken over bass duty until Chen’s condition improves.

Their new album “Diamond Eyes” drops May 4th.

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