MVs Collection #14 ( SXSW 2010 )

Posted on March 16, 2010 |

In Austin right now (on my b-day no less) enjoying the warm Texas sun and waiting
for the SXSW festivities to begin.

Gonna catch a movie at the sweetest theater known to mankind (Alamo Drafthouse)
and I should be back to full blogging power in the middle of next week.

Every year, SXSW gives me a chance to catch at least 2 or 3 bands where I can’t
believe my gosh darn luck that I’m actually gonna see them play live.

Last year it was Superdrag, the year before Autolux (multiple times) and this year,
I have 2 such bands I will get the opportunity to see in zee flesh.

Kashmir – “Surfing The Warm Industry”

A secretary working her way up the corporate ladder the only way
she knows how … bangin’ dudes. Directed by Anders Morgenthaler.

The Danish Radiohead … is what they’ve been known to be called.

That’s what attracted me to their sound and why i’ve followed them
for years, since their 2003 album “Zitilites” which is where this
song originates.

I will finally get a chance to see Kashmir live Friday, March 19th4pm
@ The Music Gym and or 11pm @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop.

New album “Trespassers” out now.

Rival Schools – “Used For Glue”

Two crazy, hipster kids hooking up at a house party. Directed by Marcos Siega.

A classic post-hardcore album (2001‘s “United By Fate”) from
ex-members of Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits, CIV and Youth Of Today.

They were a hardcore supergroup of sorts who wrote some catchy as
hell tunes for their one and only album (there’s an unreleased
floating around).

They’ve disbanded in 2003 but reformed in 2008 to do a few live
shows here and there and now @ SXSW.

Good news that came from all this recent touring? A yet to be
titled 3rd album should be out this summer.

Saturday, March 20th11:15pm @ Red 7 Patio.

Also, check out Spinner daily during the week for a special show featuring
Rival Schools which will be announced the day of.


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  1. Maureen
    March 16th, 2010 @ 9:11 pm

    Hey Paul,
    I know you’re a fan of the Sky Drops–there is another Philadelphia band called Reading Rainbow that sound somewhat similar. They are playing at Mohawk on Friday night at 9:00pm. You should check them out

    Take care and have fun!
    (fan from Philadelphia)

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