MVs Collection #12 ( SXSW 2010 )

Posted on March 1, 2010 |

With South By Southwest only 17 days away (hellz yeah!), posts about
this amazing live music hootenanny will increase in frequency.

There’s the annual podcast I put together to give you a taste of what
I believe to be the best bands coming to Austin to give us all
musicgasms, that’ll be posted this weekend.

I will also do a few MVs collection posts with SXSW themed music videos of
bands who’ll also be in attendance this year.

First up, the shoegaze / noise rock / dream pop contingent who’ll be
showcasing their greatness on and around 6th Street.

St Deluxe - “New Wave Stars”

A classic performance video in (one assumes) a dank basement. Directed by Pete Fullarton.

This sweet, fuzzed out, guitar gem is from a Scottish foursome I discovered all
thanks to the formidable SXSW torrent.

Their self-titled debut is out now and their one, official SXSW showcase
will be @ Antone’s Saturday, March 20 at 9:30pm. Power pop legends Big Star
also happens to be on that bill.

Ume - “The Conductor”

Another performance video with jumpy, quick cuts. Directed by Paul Raila.

What would be a SXSW without Austin locals Ume bringing their sweet
shoegazian, alt rock sound to the masses. Come experience the big ball of energy (and awesome hair-whipping) that is singer and lead guitarist Lauren Larsen.
One of my SXSW ‘09 highlights.

Their “Sunshower” EP is still out and you can catch them
at the Red 7 SXSW pre-party, March 16th at 10pm or at
their official showcase happening @ Submerged Wednesday,
March 17 also at 10pm.

Minipop - “Like I Do”

A beautiful animated video which seems to be inspired by an early 20th
century Georges Méliès film. Directed by Andrew Huang.

The sweetest dream pop coming out of the west coast, Minipop will have a new EP
titled “Automatic Love” available for sale @ SXSW.

Their one official showcase will be @ Aces Lounge
Saturday, March 20 at 10pm.

Do check out their 2007 debut album “A New Hope”.

Grooms - “Dreamsucker”

A trippy animated video featuring feathers, a dragon and a giraffe. Whatever they
were smoking when they came up with the concept for this video, I want some of it.
Directed by Christy Pitre & Sara Odam.

Brooklyn based Grooms (formerly The Muggabears) are SXSW veterans.

You’ll have many a chances to check out their angular, noice rock sounds at
the many day shows they’ll be part of.

Their debut album “Rejoicer” is out now.

True Widow - “A.K.A.”

A beautifully shot, vast frozen tundra, a skinny blonde girl and her shovel. Directed by Mats Ek.

Texas natives and SXSW repeat offenders, True Widow will blow chunks of your
skull off with their sludgy, grunge-y, hazy, and abit shoegaze-y stoner rock. Think of
them as Autolux’s creepy uncle.

Demos for their sophomore album have been recorded so me thinks we should expect
the new album later on this year but in the meantime, do check out their 2008
self-titled debut.

They’re on the same bill as Ume for the SXSW pre-party @ Red 7 on March 16th and they have one official showcase @ Encore Friday, March 19 at midnight.

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