SXSW: 2010 ( Unofficial ) Music Torrent

Posted on February 17, 2010 |

It’s back son!

The same people that were behind last year’s unofficial SXSW torrent
(and mad props to them I say) are back at it again with the
first part (of usually 3) which equals 646 mp3s at just over
3 gigs:

SXSW 2010 ( Unofficial ) Music Torrent

Since the torrent just went online, it will be slow going at
first but has more and more people seeds this behemoth, it
should be a breeze to download the whole thing so …


or you’ll make the music gods angry. At least for a little while.

The remaining parts of this torrent shall be available has more
mp3s are added to the band/artist bios on the SXSW website so
keep checking back here for updates.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got me some listenin’ to do.

Update ( 03 . 09 . 10 )

2nd part of the torrent went online:

SXSW 2010 ( Unofficial ) Music Torrent : Part Deux

392 mp3s at just over 2 gigs.

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