SIANspheric / Casa Del Popolo / November 14th

Posted on November 6, 2009 |

A week from now, SIANspheric, one if not the best Canadian band doin’ it
shoegaze style, will be back in Montreal for a show @ Casa Del Popolo.

Their last show in our fair city was back in 2005 @ La Sala Rossa where
a good chunk of my hearing was forever lost. Seems an album has been
in the works since 2006. Perhaps we will be privy to some new material
next Saturday.

You’d be craaazy to miss this.

Check out their MySpace page to acquaint yourself with their dreamy,
drone-y, shoegaze-y flavor.

And a few of their music videos.

Video : “Nothing Stands”
Video : “I Like The Ride”
Video : Tous Les Soirs”

Also on the bill (from the press release):

My Dad Vs. Yours (Ottawa, ON)

My Dad vs Yours force down post-rock barricades to a state where pop
melodies take precedence over orchestral crescendos; where electronic
beats, slide guitar and shoegaze co-exist in vibrant harmony; where
instrumentals can incite sing-alongs. MDVY’s first LP was recorded
and mixedb by Howard Bilerman & Efrim Menuck at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango.
They are currently working on a follow-up.


Electroluminescent (Hamilton, ON)
Black Mountain Music

Ryan Ferguson’s psychedelic-ambient one-man band and SIANspheric
collaborator. Fuzz! Reverb! Moog! Korg! Drum pads! ‘Stache! All in one!


thisquietarmy (Montreal, QC)
Alien8 Recordings / Killer Pimp

Eric Quach’s (also of Destroyalldreamers) shoegaze/drone project,
an multimedia exercise in heavy/light guitar-based soundscapes
with ghostly visuals.


Show starts @ 9:30 pm, 7$ tickets at the door only.

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