2009 Virgin Music Festival ( The Montreal Edition )

Posted on May 6, 2009 |

Alright so I lied.

There’s a new summer music festival I will talk about.

This one came totally out of the blue.

We’re getting our own Virgin Music Festival.

June 20-21, 2009 @ Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Here’s the lineup:

June 20

Black Eyed Peas
Simple Plan
The New Cities
Eva Avila

June 21

New Kids On The Block
Divine Brown

More to be announced.

Simple Plan, Hedley, Akon and NKOTB?

I. Am. So. IN!!!

That’s just what the world needed, a summer music festival for tweeners
and soccer moms.

Obviously I’d rather take a refreshing acid bath than sit trough 2 days
of Top 40 artists and a boy band 20 years past it’s prime but this thing’s
gonna make HUGE loads of cash for Greenland which in turns will probably
help bring more bands here I actually care about so well played GEG.

Alls I’m saying is Osheaga’s got nothing to worry about.

Five Virgins will go down all around the Great White North this year:
British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Montreal and Nova Scotia.

Keep an eye on ‘em. It’s gonna get messy.

Tickets go onsale Saturday, May 9th @ 10am.

In closing, here’s a verse from the 1994 NKOTB superhit “Dirty Dawg”.

Yo, yo, why you wanna act like a tramp, a wet food stamp,
I think it’s time for me to break camp
Had a crush on my man the first time we met.
Now what you see is what you get
Lost more than a mil on a gambling bet
So here’s the Chuckwagon for the dog in you,
Here’s the kennelration and the Alpo too

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