Osheaga 2010: The Recap

A week ago today, 53 000 people showed up on Île-Sainte-Hélène, making this year’s festivities their most well attended edition yet. Killer lineup of bands + perfect Summer weather, there was no way this edition would fail. Highlights for me included hearing songs from the new Walkmen album “Lisbon”. they were the first band I […]

SXSW: 2009 Wrap Up

I know I’ve been slacking on this, it probably should’ve been posted a week ago but I got me a case of the lazies. Better late than never. Just gonna keep it simple with some highlights/lowlights from this year’s fest. Highlights Band discoveries: I got a few, most if not all were not on my […]

SXSW: Essential Websites To Help Improve Your SXSW Experience

For all you SXSW virgins outthere, don’t fret. I too was one last year and let me tell you, this whole week you’re about to experience of nothing but live music, free food and booze and hobnobbing with fellow music nerds will change your life for the better. It may seem overwhelming right now, choosing […]