Autolux 7″ Single The Bouncing Wall / Census Out December 6th

Time for a new release.
They’ve been so prolific as of late (by Autolux standards) trust me you won’t
hear me complain.
A new 7″ vinyl/digital release for the double A-side single “The Bouncing Wall” / “Census”.

1. The Bouncing Wall
2. Census
3. 23 Watt Apple Juice (B-side)
4. Kissproof (Remix By Bobby Evans)
5. Black Leaves (Kill Pixie Art Installation Mix)


Autolux : “Transit Transit” Album Pre-Order

Is now ONLINE.
Someone buys me the Deluxe Edition package pretty please.
This is what it gets you:
The album on 180 gram vinyl.
Limited edition 12″ x 12″ silk-screened poster which looks awesome.
Limited edition Supertoys white 180 gram vinyl 10″.
Exclusive Transit Transit T-Shirt.
Digital release in 320kps MP3, Apple Lossless or FLAC files.

“Transit Transit” out in 13 days.

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Failure “Fantastic Planet” Out On Vinyl

An album that gives me and all rock music producers/engineers a geek boner.
It’s been described as the “Dark Side Of The Moon” for the Lollapalooza generation.
70 minutes of pure space rock madness.
The sonic details that went into it’s production, the layers of sounds, the moods
they’ve created, the inventive use of guitar effects and signal processing [...]