AGDFA’s 2015 Year-End Comp Mix

My 2015 encapsulated in 65 songs.

Basically, if you’ve never listened to my podcast (and if not, what the hell!?),
this represents everything I loved in the last 12 months. Sonically displaying
what my musical tastes are all about.

So, if you end up digging this 3 hour + musical orgy of goodness, download my
next episode (and all the [...]

MVs Collection #180

Lion Babe - “Wonder Woman”
Directed By Philippa Price.

Shamir - “Call It Off”
Directed By Philip Hodges.

Torche - “Annihilation Affair”
Directed By Phil Mucci.

Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying”
Directed By Jake Fried, Chad VanGaalen, Dimitri Stankowicz, Colin White, Taras Hrabowsky, Anthony Schepperd, Masanobu Hiraoka, Caleb Wood, KOKOFREAKBEAN.

Chet Faker - “Gold”
Directed By Hiro Murai.

Run The Jewels Feat. [...]


97 mins : 08 secs | 44.4 mb

The Dodos “Precipitation”
Individ [ amazon ]
( polyvinyl records )
website | twitter | facebook

Sleater-Kinney “Bury Our Friends”
No Cities To Love [ amazon ]
( sub pop )
website | twitter | facebook

White Lung “Drown With The Monster”
Deep Fantasy [ amazon ]
( domino recording co )
website | twitter | facebook

Menace [...]

AGDFA’s 2012 Year-End Comp Mix


55 songs encapsulating what the music landscape was for yours truly in 2012.

This fourth year-end compilation covers it all.

Lemme know what you think of my picks in the comments section
and if you so chooses, share your favorite singles of last year aswell.


AGDFA’s 2012 Year-End Comp Mix.
01. Ringo Deathstarr - “Rip”
02. Metz - “Get [...]

MVs Collection #90

Flying Lotus - “Tiny Tortures”
Directed by David Lewandowski.

Animal Collective - “Honeycomb”
Directed by Dawid Krepski.

How To Destroy Angels - “Ice Age”
Directed by John Hillcoat.

Local Natives - “Breakers”
Directed by Jaffe Zinn.

Torche - “Kicking”
Directed by Andrew James Cox.

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