Pop Montreal 2010: The Videos

Still recuperating from last week’s 5-night marathon of shows,
which luckily (depending on the night) I will get to experience
all over again in 2 weeks time for the 2010 CMJ Music Marathon in
The Big Apple.
As a famous L.A. movie cop once said: “I’m gettin’ too old for
this shit”.
The highlight of Pop Montreal 2010 for me would [...]

Pop Montreal 2010: Day 5 Picks

This is the end my friends.
You’ll have the rest of the week to sleep it off but
tonite is Shoegaze night @ Pop Montreal.
All have come through our fair city in the last year and all
have new, excellent albums to perform before us all.
The Depreciation Guild @ Casa Del Popolo / 10:30pm [ myspace ]

Serena-Maneesh @ [...]


73 mins : 05 secs | 50.1 mb

Blood Red Shoes “It Is Happening Again” ( v2 )
Fire Like This [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

By Divine Right “Que Paso?” ( hand drawn dracula )
Mutant Message [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

Palmdale “Pick Your Poison” ( oglio )
Get Wasted EP [ [...]

CMJ Music Marathon 2009 ( The Full Schedule )

Official Website
One of the last, big music festivals of the year, CMJ Music Marathon is back
for it’s 29th year. Taking place in over 75 venues all around New York City.
This all goes down a week from now, October 20-24.
Much like SXSW and all the other big industry music festivals, you got your

MVs Collection #06

Beck - “Sunday Morning” (Velvet Underground Cover)

Mr. Hansen just created his own “Record Club” with some pretty exclusive members.
What does this club do exactly?
Well … it’s a gathering where he enlists the help of musician friends to record
cover versions of entire albums all in one day. Nothing rehearsed or arranged
beforehand, they just meet up in [...]