Kestrels / Aim Low / Cresting / January 28th @ Le Cagibi

First live show of the year I shall attend is for these find fellas.
Halifax shoegazers Kestrels coming to town for the first time Saturday night @ Le Cagibi.

They’ve got a fine debut album in 2009’s “Primary Colours” and early last year with a 7″ titled “The Solipsist” and last month with a free single titled [...]

AGDFA’s 2011 Year-End Comp Mix


The 3rd go around for my massive year-end compilation.

53 songs! You’re getting 3 more songs then last year! Bringing
compilation awesomeness to a Whole. New. Level!

Revel in it’s greatness!

AGDFA’s 2011 Year-End Comp Mix.
01. The Black Keys - “Lonely Boy”
02. Dinosaur Pile-Up - “Mona Lisa”
03. Foo Fighters - “White Limo”
04. We Were Promised Jetpacks - [...]

MVs Collection #60

Cat’s Eyes - “The Best Person I Know”
Directed by Ollie Murray.

Spotlight Kid - “Forget Yourself In Me”
Directed by Martin Shearman-Brettle.

Mint Julep - “Aviary”
Directed by A Nice Idea Every Day.

Eisley - “The Valley”
Directed by Cory Sheldon.

Wye Oak - “Holy Holy”
Directed by Jeremy Johnstone.

Ty Segall - “Where Your Head Goes”
Directed by Brian Lee Hughes.

Bookmark [...]

MVs Collection #57

The Weeknd - “The Knowing”
Directed by Mikael Colombu.

Childish Gambino - “Bonfire”
Directed by Dan Eckman.

The Roots - “Sleep”
Directed by Clifton Bell.

Thrushes - “Trees”
Directed by Christopher J. Ewing.

SPC ECO - “Big Fat World” (Live @ The Wilmington Arms)
Directed by Wombbaby.

CANT - “Too Late, Too Far”
Directed by Richard Peete.

Loved Ones - “Hell”
Directed by Matt Thomas & David [...]

Pop Montreal 2011: Day 4 Picks ( September 24th )

Official Website | Myspace | Facebook | Twitter
The Vandelles @ Cabaret Du Mile-End / 10:30pm

This Brooklyn foursome are the spawn, offspring, progeny of The Jesus And Mary Chain and Danish duo The Raveonettes if they made sweet, messy love to each other.
Shoegaze meets Surf Rock, for any lovers of crunchy guitars and walls of [...]

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