Pop Montreal 2010: Day 5 Picks

This is the end my friends.
You’ll have the rest of the week to sleep it off but
tonite is Shoegaze night @ Pop Montreal.
All have come through our fair city in the last year and all
have new, excellent albums to perform before us all.
The Depreciation Guild @ Casa Del Popolo / 10:30pm [ myspace ]

Serena-Maneesh @ [...]

Pop Montreal 2010: Full Schedule Unveiled

Official Website | Myspace | Facebook | Twitter

The 9th Edition.
September 29th - October 3rd.
350 artists vying for you attention.

Some of the big names this year includes The XX, who just won the
coveted Mercury Prize, England’s annual music prize awarded for that
year’s best album which their self-titled debut was the favorite to win.
Macy Gray, German [...]


85 mins : 24 secs | 58.6 mb

Arcade Fire “Month Of May” ( merge records )
The Suburbs / Month of May (Single) [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

American Hi-Fi “Keep It Like A Secret” ( hi-fi killers )
Fight The Frequency [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

The Black Keys “Tighten Up” [...]