MVs Collection #23 ( Halloween Edition )

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us.
May I present to you 10 of my favorite music videos that are on the
scary / creepy / frightful side.

The North American Hallowe’en Prevention Initiative - “Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en?”

Queens Of The Stone Age - “Burn The Witch”

Phantom Planet - “Big Brat”

TV On The Radio - “Wolf Like Me”

Circlesquare [...]

Destination “Rockville, CA”

TV wunderkind Josh Schwartz, the mastermind behind “The O.C.“, “Chuck” and
“Gossip Girl” teamed up with Alexandra Patsavas, his music supervisor on
most of his series to create a new web series titled “Rockville, CA“.
the show in a nutshell:
A group of twentysomethings from diverse backgrounds gather regularly to
hear their favorite up-and-coming bands, blow off steam, fall in [...]