MVs Collection #192

Girl Band - “Paul”
Directed By Bob Gallagher.

Foals - “Mountain At My Gates”
Directed By Nabil.

Salad Boys - “Dream Date”
Directed By Ben Dodd.

The Darkness - “Last Of Our Kind”
Directed By Simon Emmett.

The Weeknd - “Can’t Feel My Face”
Directed By Grant Singer.

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MVs Collection #152

Jackson And His Computerband - “G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)” (NSFW)
Directed by Myzyk & Moriceau.

Little Dragon - “Pretty Girls”
Directed by Nabil.

The Afghan Whigs - “Matamoros”
Directed by Philip Harder.

Hamilton Leithauser - “I Don’t Need Anyone”
Directed by Paul Maroon.

Jenny Lewis - “Just One Of The Guys”
Directed by Jenny Lewis.

Maesa, Kyle McNeill & The Stumble - “Holy Roller”
Directed [...]

MVs Collection #150

Riff Raff - “Introducing The Icon”
Directed by Stuey Kubrick.

Bishop Nehru x Disclosure - “You Stressin’”
Directed by N/A.

Wild Beasts - “Mecca”
Directed by Kate Moross.

FKA Twigs - “Two Weeks”
Directed by Nabil.

School Of Seven Bells - “I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)”
Directed by Toby Halbrooks & Alan Del Rio Ortiz.

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MVs Collection #101

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Sacrilege”
Directed by Megaforce.

Sayknowledge - “Heem!”
Directed by (N/A).

The Sky Drops - “Let It Sound”
Directed by Monika Bullette.

Gliss - “Blur”
Directed by Claudia Crobatia.

The Soft Moon - “Want” (NSFW)
Directed by Grant Singer.

James Blake - “Overgrown”
Directed by Nabil.

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