AGDFA 108 ( Xmas 2009 Edition )

81 mins : 57 secs | 56.2 mb

The Joy Formidable “My Beerdrunk Soul Is Sadder ( 01:46 )
Than A Hundred Dead Christmas Trees” [ free download ]
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Fucked Up “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” ( 05:57 )
Do They Know It’s Christmas? [ iTunes ]
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SXSW: 2009 Wrap Up

I know I’ve been slacking on this, it probably should’ve been posted a week
ago but I got me a case of the lazies. Better late than never.
Just gonna keep it simple with some highlights/lowlights from this year’s
Band discoveries: I got a few, most if not all were not on my list to see
but just so [...]