AGDFA’s 2016 Year-End Comp Mix

2016 will go down as one of the shittiest and deadliest when it comes to our favorite music purveyors.

Regardless of those sad facts, it was a goddamn good year for music.

Here be, my annual compilation (stuck with the 65 songs format) that reflects my musical journey throughout those last 365 days.


Bonne Année!

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My Year-End Lists Of 2016

Any other year, Autolux’s “Pussy’s Dead” would have been my undisputed,
#1 album. But then, the unthinkable happened. A Tribe Called
Quest, which is fair to say, my favorite hip hop group of all
times and spaces, released their sixth studio album, their first in
18 years and their last with the late, great “Five Foot Assassin” Phife
Dawg [...]


105 mins : 59 secs | 48.6 mb

Autolux “Hamster Suite”
Pussy’s Dead [ amazon ]
( 30th Century Records )
website | twitter | facebook

Bob Mould “Black Confetti”
Patch The Sky [ amazon ]
( merge records )
website | twitter | facebook

Weezer “L.A. Girlz”
The White Album [ amazon ]
( crush music )
website | twitter | facebook

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MVs Collection #208

Rihanna - “Needed Me” (NSFW)
Directed By Harmony Korine.

Kill The Noise & Feed Me - “I Do Coke”
Directed By Brandon Dermer.

Run The Jewels Feat. Gangsta Boo  - “Love Again”
Directed By Ninian Doff.

Mitski - “Your Best American Girl”
Directed By Zia Anger.

Limblifter - “Key Of Karavana”
Directed By Derek Horn.

Minor Victories - “Scattered Ashes (song for Richard)”
Directed By N/A.

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MVs Collection #206

Autolux - “Brainwasher”
Directed By Thomas McMahan.

Greys - “Blown Out”
Directed By Allison Johnston and Shehzaad Jiwani.

Nothing - “Eaten By Worms”
Directed By Kevin Haus.

Bleached - “Keep On Keepin’ On”
Directed By Lana Kim.

Bat For Lashes - “In God’s House”
Directed By Natasha Khan & John De Menil.

Minor Victories - “Film Two”
Directed By Hand Held Cine Club.

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