Autolux “Transit Transit” Out Today

At long last!
After delays upon delays upon delays, this sucker is finally in
To be honest, I didn’t think I would still be alive to witness
this momentous event but here it is.
Now, Let’s hope the third album gets a 2012 release and not 2016.

You can stream the whole album on their Myspace page.

Buy the digital version [...]

MVs Collection #19

Interpol - “Lights”

Got Milk?
This is a big ol’ WTF video starring 2 women in fetish-y clothing dressing another
woman who in the end, spews a mysterious white liquid out of her mouth  …
where am I going with this?
Directed by Charlie White. (Who also directed their 2004 video for the single “Evil”)
Their upcoming self-titled album comes out [...]

MP3 : Autolux - “Supertoys”

( MP3 ) Autolux - “Supertoys”
Something new, song wise since the release on the interwebs of the
single “Audience No.2″ back in 2008, “Supertoys” has been a live staple
for awhile now and was performed on an episode of “From The Basement”,
the Sky Arts produced, Nigel Godrich created show featuring the band in 2007.
Nothing I haven’t heard [...]

Beach House “10 Mile Stereo” Live @ La Sala Rossa

One of my favorite albums of the year so far (and on many other people’s
lists aswell) is Beach House’s “Teen Dream”.
They were in town last night, performing most of said new album to a very
attentive crowd @ La Sala Rossa.
Even tough they played in almost complete darkness, they managed
to re-create their sweet dream pop-ish sound [...]

MVs Collection #08

Editors - “Papillon”

Many dudes running their asses off all around Los Angeles at night.
This very synth heavy (sounding like early 80’s Depeche Mode) first single
is from their third album titled “In This Light and On This Evening” coming out
October 13th.

We Were Promised Jetpacks - “Quiet Little Voices”

A nice performance video from these 4 Scottish lads [...]

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