MP3 : Danny Brown - “Grown Up”

Dopeness I dub thee.
The Motor City MC/Adderall Admiral Danny Brown just released a new single
titled “Grown Up”.
Been blastin’ it all weekend as it totally feeds on my love of early 90’s
old school hip hop.
Has the vibe of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?” or anything
The Pharcyde was putting out back in the day.

Watcha [...]

Autolux: Live Performance On Live Buzz

How’s about some live Autolux to start your morning.
Shot in The Village studios in Los Angeles, first up, a brief interview conducted by Nic Harcourt (who curates the website) and then performances of “Spots”, “Plantlife”, “Audience No.2″ and “The Science Of Imaginary Solutions”.

Live Buzz Interview With Nic Harcourt

Autolux - “Spots”

Autolux - “Plantlife”

Autolux - “Audience No.2″

Autolux [...]

Arcade Fire Visits “The Suburbs” For Their New Album

Official Website
Yesterday, UK radio DJ Zane Lowe spinned the first single “The Suburbs”
and it’s B-side “Month Of May” on his show and  they quickly made the rounds
all over the Interweb.
The single will be out June 1st.
Today, we find out from one “Arkady Fireovitch” that the album will in
fact be titled “The Suburbs” and shall be [...]

Brooklyn Bound + A Posies Interviewed

As I’m walking out the door, on my way to catch the Northeast bound train to
my debaucherous (one can dream) weekend in New York City, I leave you with my
very first interview with Jon Auer of The Posies.
Psyched! but really it should be up next week along with a review and pix of both shows.
Jon [...]