AGDFA’s 2017 Year-End Comp Mix

This yearly tradition (6 years running) goes on despite the fact i’ve been pretty quiet on the podcast front. Actually, these 60 songs would’ve made the cut and been part of episodes I would’ve recorded for you fine people. Instead, you get them all in one GIANT stew of Rock, Shoegaze, Hip Hop, Electro and Sad Bastard […]

AGDFA’s 2009 Year-End Comp Mix

Happy New Year. First great music news of said new year? Soundgarden reunion is a go! How f’ing crazy is that? I guess Chris Cornell finally came to his senses. Maybe his shitty Timbaland produced R&B album, which bombed horribly, was the last straw or this is just a reunion tour cash grab. We shall […]


63 mins : 43 secs | 43.7 mb Jack Peñate “Every Glance” ( xl recordings ) Everything Is New [ amazon ] website | myspace | facebook The Big Pink “Frisk” ( 4ad ) A Brief History Of Love [ amazon ] website | myspace | facebook The Sky Drops “Truth Is” ( fridabear records […]