Listen: Hooked On Dirty Airplay: 2012 Year-End Spectacular

Last month, the fellas and I @ CJLO (@omarsonics of Hooked On Sonics
and @denisdirtywork of Dirty Work) did our annual year-end spectacular
where in 4 continuous hours of airtime, we shared our top 10 albums
of the year.

A mixture of the usual shoegaze, power pop, punk, hip hop and straight up
“indie” music made the cut.

I think we’ve [...]

Listen: CJLO’s Dirty Work - May 24thth 2012

I haven’t posted a Dirty Work episode in awhile and it’s a good thing that Denis
recently hooked me up with a recording of my appearance back in the month of May because I felt you were missing out.

Am I right people?

This was a supersized Dirty Work as we took the reins from Omar Goodness
and his [...]

Listen: Hooked On Dirty Airplay: 2011 Year-End Spectacular

In lieu of doing my annual year-end podcast (brand spankin’ new episode will
be posted next week) I decided to post the 4 hour marathon I did with my buds
@ CJLO (Omar from Hooked On Sonics & Denis from Dirty Work), of all our picks from our individual 2011 top 10 album lists.
Even HoS’s frequent correspondent [...]

Listen: AGDFA / HOS / DW 90s Classique Special Extravaganza!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh the 90’s.
A time when the Information Age blossomed to what it is today and where flannel
was a valid fashion choice.

It’s also the decade in which my music taste was formed.

Back in September, my bros (Omar from CJLO’s Hooked On Sonics and Denis from Dirty Work) and I did this 4 hour radio session of [...]

Autolux “Transit Transit” Out Today

At long last!
After delays upon delays upon delays, this sucker is finally in
To be honest, I didn’t think I would still be alive to witness
this momentous event but here it is.
Now, Let’s hope the third album gets a 2012 release and not 2016.

You can stream the whole album on their Myspace page.

Buy the digital version [...]

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