MVs Collection #206

Autolux - “Brainwasher”
Directed By Thomas McMahan.

Greys - “Blown Out”
Directed By Allison Johnston and Shehzaad Jiwani.

Nothing - “Eaten By Worms”
Directed By Kevin Haus.

Bleached - “Keep On Keepin’ On”
Directed By Lana Kim.

Bat For Lashes - “In God’s House”
Directed By Natasha Khan & John De Menil.

Minor Victories - “Film Two”
Directed By Hand Held Cine Club.

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MVs Collection #100

Liars - “The Exact Color Of Doubt”
Directed by Markus Wambsganss.

Kashmir - “Seraphina”
Directed by Johan Stahl.

The Boxer Rebellion - “Diamonds”
Directed by Hand Held Cine Club.

Blinker The Star - “Future Fires”
Directed by David Dunham.

Cat Power - “Manhattan”
Directed by Chan Marshall &Greg Hunt.

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MVs Collection #50

The Japanese Popstars - “Let Go”
Directed by David Wilson.

We Were Promised Jetpacks - “Medicine”
Directed by Hand Held Ciné Club.

Miles Kane - “Inhaler”
Directed by (N/A).

The Drums - “How It Ended”
Directed by Patrick Roberts.

Florence + The Machine - “Shake It Out”
Directed by Dawn Shadforth.

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