AGDFA’s 2017 Year-End Comp Mix

This yearly tradition (6 years running) goes on despite the fact i’ve been pretty quiet on the podcast front. Actually, these 60 songs would’ve made the cut and been part of episodes I would’ve recorded for you fine people. Instead, you get them all in one GIANT stew of Rock, Shoegaze, Hip Hop, Electro and Sad Bastard […]

My Year-End Lists Of 2017

Hello. Remember me? I know I know. I’ve been all-around lazy when it comes to all things AGDFA but you were still on my mind. I swear! The podcast is not dead. Just been on a long hiatus. I’ll come back to it soon enough. In the meantime, I did still listen to alot of […]

MVs Collection #154

Beck – “Heart Is A Drum” Directed by Sophie Muller. Self – “Runaway” Directed by Ballard C. Boyd. Spoon – “Do You” Directed by Hiro Murai. Philip Selway – “Coming Up For Air” Directed by NYSU. Goldfrapp – “Stranger” Directed by Stephanie Zari & Brian Strange. Movement – “Ivory” (NSFW) Directed by Fleur&Manu. Jon Hopkins […]