Listen: Hooked On Dirty Airplay 90s Classique Special Extravaganza! Part Deux!

Too many false starts and scheduling conflicts to count since the first show went live but we finally got our act together and recorded a sequel you wanted, nay, demanded. Denis of Dirty Work, Mr. Omar Goodness of Hooked On Sonics, and I finally assembled at the CJLO studio a week before leaving for the […]

Listen: AGDFA / HOS / DW 90s Classique Special Extravaganza!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh the 90’s. A time when the Information Age blossomed to what it is today and where flannel was a valid fashion choice. It’s also the decade in which my music taste was formed. Back in September, my bros (Omar from CJLO‘s Hooked On Sonics and Denis from Dirty Work) and I did this 4 […]