AGDFA’s 2013 Year-End Comp Mix

I kind of went nuts with this one.

60 songs in all.

Representing a year’s worth of music in 3 most excellent hours.

I hope you enjoy it and if it strikes your fancy, do leave a word
or two in the comments section below.

to my fellow music lovers and loverettes …

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85 mins : 23 secs | 48.8 mb

True Widow “Numb Hand” ( relapse records )
Circumambulation [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

Dinosaur Pile-Up “Arizona Rising” ( so recordings )
Nature Nurture [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

The Digital Noise Academy “Circulation” ( echo fields recordings )
Synemy [ amazon ]
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MVs Collection #60

Cat’s Eyes - “The Best Person I Know”
Directed by Ollie Murray.

Spotlight Kid - “Forget Yourself In Me”
Directed by Martin Shearman-Brettle.

Mint Julep - “Aviary”
Directed by A Nice Idea Every Day.

Eisley - “The Valley”
Directed by Cory Sheldon.

Wye Oak - “Holy Holy”
Directed by Jeremy Johnstone.

Ty Segall - “Where Your Head Goes”
Directed by Brian Lee Hughes.

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CMJ Music Marathon 2010 ( The Full Schedule )

Official Website
One of my biggest pleasure when Fall comes a knockin’ is not the slow
descent into cold weather or when everything seems to be turning into the
color grey when all the leaves dies out, it’s the return of the CMJ
Music Marathon, the last BIG music festival of the year where college
music is [...]

SXSW 2010: The Pictures

( Flickr ) South By Southwest / Austin, Texas / March 15-22, 2010 ( Flickr )
Took me a little bit longer than I would’ve liked but I finally went trough
all the pix I took at SXSW and here’s what I believe to be the best
ones in the bunch.
The list of artists/bands I was fortunate enough [...]

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