AGDFA’s 2015 Year-End Comp Mix

My 2015 encapsulated in 65 songs.

Basically, if you’ve never listened to my podcast (and if not, what the hell!?),
this represents everything I loved in the last 12 months. Sonically displaying
what my musical tastes are all about.

So, if you end up digging this 3 hour + musical orgy of goodness, download my
next episode (and all the [...]

My Year-End Lists Of 2015

Their album was not.
19 years between their last release, 1996’s “Fantastic Planet”,
a masterpiece of a rock album and “The Heart Is A Monster”.
The musical chemistry between Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards
and Kellii Scott still very much potent after all these years.
I am in awe of these people. May they stay Failure(s) forever.
Beliefs brought it with their [...]


96 mins : 30 secs | 44.4 mb

Tame Impala “Let It Happen”
Currents [ amazon ]
( modular recordings )
website | twitter | facebook

Beck “Dreams”
Dreams (Single) [ amazon ]
( capitol )
website | twitter | facebook

Ash “Let’s Ride”
Kablammo! [ amazon ]
( earmusic )
website | twitter | facebook

White Reaper “I Don’t Think She Cares”
White Reaper [...]

MVs Collection #191

Flosstradamus, GTA & Lil Jon - “Prison Riot”
Directed By The Young Astronauts.

Major Lazer Feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley - “Powerful”
Directed By James Slater.

Disclosure Feat. Sam Smith  - “Omen”
Directed By Ryan Hope.

Daye Jack - “Easy”
Directed By Peter Collins Campbell.

On An On - “Drifting”
Directed By Kyle Gibby & Nick Rush.

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